Episode 1:

The Kidnapped Mousling

In a corroding and deadly wasteland in the bowels of a starship that has traveled so long, none of its inhabitants remembers that it still flies among the stars, the lone lagomorph warrior Jiao Tu must save a young female mousling using only his wits and the blade at his side.

Episode 2:

The Yaogu Insects

While training in a small farming village, Jiao Tu and his apprentice are asked to investigate a mysterious threat to the village’s harvest. Will the visitors from the lagomorph’s past prove a help or a hindrance in their quest?

Episode 3:

The Makaras

As his journey to escorting the tigress dancer Karvari comes to an end, Jiao Tu hears about strange creatures that threaten ships sailing on the Middlesea. How will a secret from Karvari’s past influence the lagomorph’s choices?

Latest Episodes

Brief Hiatus

As I’ve mentioned, the blog is going on a brief hiatus while I concentrate on the release of Episode 1 in book form, on updates to the website, and—hopefully—on a few other surprises. I am planning on the hiatus to last only a couple weeks. Thank you to everyone who has supported this story inContinue reading “Brief Hiatus”

Episode 2.72

Jiao Tu awoke the next morning still curled around Karvari. He felt the tigress’s long, delicate fingers stroking one of his ears. He smiled and nuzzled against the female’s collarbone. “Good morning, my warrior. Or perhaps I should say good day, as the daylight part of the cycle is almost half past.” “Good morning, myContinue reading “Episode 2.72”

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