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Episode 1:

The Kidnapped Mousling

In a corroding and deadly wasteland in the bowels of a starship that has traveled so long, none of its inhabitants remembers that it still flies among the stars, the lone lagomorph warrior Jiao Tu must save a young female mousling using only his wits and the blade at his side.

Episode 2:

The Yaogu Insects

While training in a small farming village, Jiao Tu and his apprentice are asked to investigate a mysterious threat to the village’s harvest. Will the visitors from the lagomorph’s past prove a help or a hindrance in their quest?

Episode 3:

The Makaras

As his journey to escorting the tigress dancer Karvari comes to an end, Jiao Tu hears about strange creatures that threaten ships sailing on the Middlesea. How will a secret from Karvari’s past influence the lagomorph’s choices?

Latest Episodes

Episode 3.4

Master Veena had started his second set of encores when Jiao Tu decided to return to the room he shared with the feline. Though his limbs ached with weariness, he could not immediately fall asleep. Karvari and Farrah’s reaction to Phule weighed heavily on his mind. Was there something about the other lagomorph that his…

Episode 3.3

“Be that as it may, it was of him I spoke. Even speaking to him, you are putting yourself in grave danger.” Jiao Tu blinked at Karvari’s words and turned from the tigress to the other lagomorph. Phule wore a broad smile. “And who is this charming female, Jiao Tu? Wait.” He rested a paw…

Episode 3.2

“Someone has entered the inn, looking for you. Please, my warrior. You must not speak to him.” Jiao Tu looked around at Karvari’s whispered words. The wooden door of the common room had not opened, nor did it seem that anyone had joined those gathered from the main door of the inn. He studied the…

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